Not achievement, but change of attitude, the disappearance of the ego.

I am a qualified  Performing Arts Medicine Therapist and a Practitioner for

Performing Arts Medicine Therapy takes its name from two different worlds; Music and Medicine. By combining the knowledge of how the brain and the rest of the body work together with the experience of performing, the therapy is directed towards preventing/rehabilitating physiological, psychological and physical injuries.

‘The guitarist, but also the human being that he is, appealed to me with his musical qualities, and especially because of the very strong motivation that radiates from his person. Paul will always seek the best of himself; for the benefit of his art!’
Roland Dyens, Professor of Guitar, Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris, France.

‘Paul’s profound understanding and internalisation of the Alexander Technique have a remarkable effect on his musical performance and teaching: he and his guitar become one. To witness this is a joyful intellectual and emotion experience.’
Ilana Machover, Alexander teacher, Royal Academy of Music, London.

‘Thank you so much for your guidance, the things you have taught our daughter cannot be learned from a book and once you know them, you make them your own and carry them with you in everything you do.  It has made a huge difference to her, emotionally as well as physically.’
(Comment from a parent who’s daughter has made in into  a well known ArtsEd Musical Theatre course in London and who has been filming with the BBC)