“If you are thinking of having a consultation with Paul, then I would highly recommend it. I had a 1-hour zoom consultation, and within that session, he was able to assess my playing in a way that no other teacher or specialist had previously. We both narrowed down the root cause of my RSI, which happened to be a warm-up exercise that I’d been taught eight-years prior. Paul’s approach was candid and genuine, and I felt a great sense of relief to have my problem so clearly spelt out to me. I am looking forward to touring again with a strong hand.”

Bradley Hutchings, guitarist. UK.

“I’m deeply grateful to Paul, and the team of experts he works with. In one session where he observed my playing and the issues I was facing, he identified with clarity some aspects that I had ignored for too long. I’m now working daily on the mind-set and the overall approach that Paul suggested to me, and I’m slowly but surely re-discovering the playing and music living that I’ve been dreaming of, for a very long time. Thank you Paul!”

Marco Piccioni, musician and freediver, UK.

‘Thank you so much for your guidance, the things you have taught our daughter cannot be learned from a book and once you know them, you make them your own and carry them with you in everything you do.  It has made a huge difference to her, emotionally as well as physically.’
(Comment from a parent who’s daughter has made in into  a well known ArtsEd Musical Theatre course in London and who has been filming with the BBC)

Dear Paul,
It is not at all hard to say how happy and surprised I am by your kind gesture. I appreciate you have found time and found it possible to post the articles. When I wrote to you, I really couldn’t have hoped to receive this kind of a gift. I am inspired by the joy and motivation I see in you towards your profession.
Mr I. U. Professional guitarist.  Zagreb, Croatia.

‘Thank you so much for yet another inspiring session with you. I feel I am really getting to grips with the breathing – I practised it on the journey back and it was the least tiring 3 hours drive I can ever remember!’ H. Dyson. Professional guitarist. UK.